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iM8 Digital Asset Label
iM8 Digital Asset Label

iM8 Digital Asset Label

iM8 Labels
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One of  most popular Solutions The iM8 Digital Asset Label/‘sticker’ label is an asset tag. 

Designed to your own Artwork specification so Branding and function is key 


the ‘sticker’ label is an asset tag. 
This label is made from specific highly adhesive and durable material and is designed to be placed on a physical asset.

The precise location of the asset is recorded each time the asset tag is scanned, allowing for highly effective and secure asset management. 

iM8 Blockchain, and why use it??

How do I make sure that I apply the right labels to the right products?

A seriously good point.  Every iM8 Digital Label is unique and is mated with a specific asset in the Blockchain.  It is imperative that the right labels makes it onto the right products.  To make sure this happens we either print the product information on the label or (if you want a label with just the QR code) we print the product details back or the waste area 

What’s unique about an iM8 Label?

That’s kind of a trick question, as each and every iM8 label is unique!  Every iM8 Label contains a unique code which is linked with a specific product or item.  The details of the products are stored in the Blockchain.  An iM8 Labels gives every product its own unique fingerprint and to add security is paired to a user Phone  in extremely high security service requirement the option of encrypted key can change on every scan     

What does an iM8 Label do for my business?