Case Studies We Can Do Anything When We Put Our Minds To It

Small Sportswear Brand – Demonstrating Sustainability

This is a young brand who sell via their online shop and e-Retail outlets.  This brand manufacturers highly technical sportswear.  Their manufacturing process is very Eco friendly and they employ brand ambassadors to help publicise their products.

The brand uses an iM8 Codes attached to care labels, which is made of fabric and is sewed into the garment during manufacture. 

When a customer scans the iM8 Digital Label, they are taken to a unique brand landing page.  The brand keeps these landing pages updated and presents technical information, ‘where this product was made’ video information and offers the customer opportunity share their product and location directly to a number of social media channels. 

The brand also periodically gives their brand ambassadors ‘Challenges’ to complete, for which they are awarded free product.  The ambassadors scan the iM8 Labels during the execution of these challenges which allows the brand to identify the location of the products and to verify ‘Challenge’ execution! 

The brand also invites their customers to return their product when it is no longer required.  The brand offers a discount for returns and recycles their returned products to minimise their ecological impact on the planet.  This is a highly successful aspect of their branding, with upwards of 60% of product returned for recycling, demonstrating how seriously this issue is regarded amongst this brands’ customer base. 

The iM8 Platform has a Dynamic Rules Engine to allow any event to be managed the Brand just needs the imagination to come up with the event and design the packaging & Artwork  


High End Luxury Shoe Brand – Tasked iM8 to Stop Fakes & Bring Everything Together with full Product Tractability 

This client is a luxury manufacture of leather goods and are known the world over for their exclusive ladies shoes. 

The use case for this client was complex and specific to their manufacturing, distribution and returns process.   iM8 delivered all the technology pertaining to this solution including the product tags, apps and reporting. Which is now available to all our clients  


The products are tagged with an iM8 codes connects to NFC chips during manufacture.  This iM8 ID is scanned numerous times during the manufacturing and distribution process, as detailed below.

This tagging of the product, combined with the Geo-location technology within the iM8 solution, allows the customer to have a real-time view of the location of all their products. 

The client has a very specific rules which determine if a product is repaired for a cost, repaired free of charge or not eligible for repair at all, depending on from which retail channel the product was purchased from. 

 One scan of the NFC by the retail agent shows the return eligibility of the product.


The client was concerned about counterfeit product getting back into the retail chain via returns and unlicensed over production within its third party factory operations .  With use of iM8 technology and the rules the Brand set this activity would be impossible.  The brand now has the ability to offer anti counterfeit protection to their customers, with product tractability being guaranteed by their use of iM8 throughout the manufacturing process.