Data Upload Guide

What data do I need to send to iM8 for my labels?

It’s so easy!  We will send you a spreadsheet listing the data items which you can have on your labels.  You can have as much or as little information as you like – it’s your choice.

What if I have my own Item database / spreadsheet?

Even better.  Trim it down to detail what you want on the label and send it to us.  We will upload it into the database, and you are good to go.

For instance, if your labels are for clothes, then the typical data items are as detailed in the picture below But only limited by your own imagination the information we can attached to your label is unlimited  

You can keep it even more simple if you want.  The minimum data points clients usually send us for clothing is Product Description; SKU; Colour; Gender; Picture; Size; Price.

If your label is for food/beverage the data points would be:  Product Description; SKU; Country / region of manufacture; Picture; Price.

For Jewellery:  Product Description; SKU; Material Composition; Carat; Country / region of manufacture; Picture; Price.

Can I store my catalogue on the system?

YES!  We give our regular customers a direct logon to our system.  Their product catalogue is uploaded in our database.  When a customer wants more labels for a specific product, they simply log in to our system, choose the products they want from their catalogue, tell us the quantity needed and done!  Labels are on the way, exactly to specification. 

What about Pictures or Videos?

Pictures are perhaps the most important data item.  At iM8 we have our own Digital Assets Management system, or DAM.  A DAM is a database designed specially for images and videos. 

Simply upload your pictures or Videos via the upload button on any of our product pages or email, just please make sure you save the picture / Data with the same reference as your product on your spreadsheet 


This is easy to do and takes minutes.  As long as you are an iM8 client, you are free to use our DAM as a source for all of your pictures and video content!

Trust us, once you get used to our DAM you will wonder how you ever did without 😊 


What if I get stuck?

No problem – just email or call us and we will walk you through everything 😊