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About Us

iM8 is an Irish technology company who has developed an app based ecosystem, based on Blockchain technology, which allows brands to create unique labels for their products.

The iM8 label gives every single product its own individual fingerprint. Applying an iM8 label to your products gives them each an individual identity, allowing you to protect your brand and connect with your customers.

iM8 labels can be stickers, fabric care labels, swing tags, NFC chips, or can be provided in Digital format so that you can use your own printers.

The labels are scanned by your customers using their mobile phones. When the label is scanned, our system verifies that the product is genuine, displays the product details on the customers phone and gives them the chance to communicate directly with you.

What’s the big deal about an individual label?

By using our unique label for every product, you protect your brand, protect your customers and have the opportunity to build a direct relationship with every customer.

The iM8 label is a mark of quality, it authenticates your products, ensuring that only genuine products are sold, and that your customers are protected from fakes.

Every time the label is scanned you can display your brand information, offer the customer the chance to purchase additional products, display promo videos, links to your social media all through our own Digital Asset Management System.  It’s all about building a direct customer database, allowing you profile your customers and generate additional revenue.



Flexible label solutions for your business

Sticker Labels

The simplest and perhaps most flexible solution is the adhesive sticker label.
This can take the form of a simple white sticker which you can affix to your own swing/hang tags or 
can can be a highly complex label, for instance the type of label which is attached to new vehicle tyres.

You choose the design

Integrate the design with your existing labels or create something totally new. Every sticker label will have our unique iM8 QR code which is directly linked with a specific product within our database.


NFC Tags

Our NFC tags are the latest generation of tagging technology.  NFC tags are similar to the chip on a credit card which allows the card to be ‘tapped’ to pay for an item.

NFC tags come in various formats, from the simplest sticker type to a custom made item (like a button or metal label attached to a product).
NFC tags require no power and are ideal for everything from shoes, bags, leather goods, jewellery, perfume, high end clothing, sports clothing and many other products. NFC tags can be designed to be highly durable and last for easily a decade.


Fabric Care Labels

iM8 Digital Care labels are made of fabric and are sewn into clothing or apparel. These labels have the advantage that they remain attached to the product for life.

The fashion industry is also utilising these types of labels to promote their sustainability messages. When the customer scans the label they can see where the product was manufactured and what the brand is doing to promote good working practices for factory workers. When the product is no longer required, the brand can take back the product for sustainable recycling, with the customer being offered an incentive and the brand being able to demonstrate exactly how many of it’s products are being recycled in a sustainable manner.


Secure Asset Tags

One iteration of the ‘sticker’ label is an asset tag.  This label is made from specific highly adhesive and durable material and is designed to be placed on a physical asset.
The precise location of the asset is recorded each time the asset tag is scanned, allowing for highly effective and secure asset management. 



Digital File

PRINT YOUR OWN (We work with printers all over the world)

Job sizes from a few hundred to print runs in the millions - we have the solution for you!  We can create your labels in a digital format and send it to your printer.  They upload it to their printing software and they print the locally for you.


Linking Labels with Products

When you order labels from us, we ask you to fill in a product details form. Here you give us details of the products which you want the labels for.
We import this file into our system, which creates your products in our database.