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Product Description


Care Label Sizes


Ribbon Sizes 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 35mm, 40mm, 45mm, 50mm

Ink Colours & Ribbon Colours 

Base colours can be from anything from a single colour to something more elaborate upto 6 colours Max this the standard none variable Data part of your Label  

Please work to a Pantone colour scale

The iM8 Code is Generally printed in Black Ink because it makes it easy to read 

Ribbon colours are available in a range of colours but we highly recommend using Grey White or cream with White being the best preforming and get our vote  as you need to scan the variable data on your labels ie the code which makes the whole process work    


iM8 Blockchain, and why use it??

Put simply, the Blockchain is the most secure method of storing data which has ever been invented.  Think of it as a Lego wall.  Each Lego block has to fit with the others in the wall, and once built you can’t change a block in the middle of the wall without destroying the complete wall. 

We store data in the Blockchain to give you security and independence.  Your data is safe, it will always be safe, and it can always be accessed by you.

How do I make sure that I apply the right labels to the right products?

A seriously good point.  Every iM8 Digital Label is unique and is mated with a specific product in the Blockchain.  It is imperative that the right labels make it onto the right products.  To make sure this happens we either print the product information on the label or (if you want a label with just the QR code) we print the product details on the labels above the cut / Sew point. 

Encrypted Data & Security 

The data on the label is encrypted and can only be read by iM8 technology


Protected by a worldwide patent pending application, the iM8 Digital Tag is totally secure

Product details are stored in the Block-chain and therefore can not be tampered with

The precise location of the asset is logged every time the asset is scanned

What’s unique about an iM8 Label?

That’s kind of a trick question, as each and every iM8 label is unique!  Every iM8 Label contains a unique code which is linked with a specific product or item.  The details of the products are stored in the Blockchain.  An iM8 Labels gives every product its own unique fingerprint.

What does an iM8 Label do for my business?

Protect and Connect. 

Protect the planet!  Our digital labels can store tons of information about your product.  You can show videos, display technical information, in any language you want.  Dispense with loads of packaging, swing tags and multiple care labels.  One iM8 Digital Label will replace all of them, plus the content you show when the iM8 label is scanned is totally dynamic, meaning that you can change it every day!

We protect your brand by ensuring that only genuine products are sold, and we make it easy for your customers to verify that the product is genuine. 

Connect with your customers.  Once a customer scans an iM8 Digital Label, they open up a direct communications channel with you.  You can present multiple engagement offers and encourage them to share your product on Social Media. 

Our geo-location technology makes our labels especially interesting for brands sell in multiple regions throughout the world  

How does the customer interact with the label?

They simply scan the label using any QR code reader on their phone, or in the case of NFC labels they simply hold the phone up against the label.  The code is unencrypted by our software and the product details will be displayed directly on the phone in under a second. 

You control what the customer sees when they scan your product.  You can show videos, give the customer the option to purchase different sizes/colours/accessories, display technical or care information. 

This content is dynamic, you can change it as often as you like!

Who owns the data?

In a word, You.  All the data collected or pertaining to your labels is yours.  You can start to build up your own customer database and we have software which allows you make use of this data to market and promote your products.

What Data is required for an iM8 Digital Label

The actual data required is very little, However the amount of data you are able to add to each iM8 label is unlimited only limited by your imagination call our Support Team for some ideas and don't worry we do all the Tech stuff 

Product Name

Product Description

Product Image


Batch Reference

Care Information

Product Colour

Country of Manufacture


Country of Design

Limited Issue



Info Video

Manufacture Date

Product Category


How to Order

1. Choose Your Product or if you are undecided call us on Tel 0800 3000 3000 and one of our friendly team will be more than willing to help 

2. Select the Size 

3. Select Your Material Ribbon  

4. Select your Ribbon Colour (White gives the best results)

5. Input the number of Labels your products need 

6. Upload your Artwork our in house design team can help once we have your logo 

7. upload your product data and any images /videos you want displayed against your products this can be done via email after you completed your order 

8. Once we receive all your Data we will Print your Digital labels and email you your sample for final acceptance, once you agree we will run the physical print run don't worry  it all sound complicated but we are a well run machine  


How quickly can you deliver?

Our system is highly automated and typically labels are sent to the printers within hours of us receiving your order.  Printing and dispatch are quick.  Depending on your location you can expect delivery 

How quickly are my Labels dispatched?

What can you expect from us in relation to time from ordering to time for dispatch as each and every label is unique it does take a little longer to produce but gosh it is worth the wait 

Service Level 

Premium Service 48 hour 5,000-10,000 iM8 Care Labels Dispatch within  48 Working hours receiving final acceptance of Artwork and Product Data 

3-5 day Service  10,000-50,000 iM8 Care Labels dispatch within 3-5 working Days of receiving final acceptance of Artwork and Product Data  

7-10 Day Service 50,000-10,000 terms as above 




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