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Protecting Your Products and Connecting with your Customers

iM8 Protect & Connect brings a real cost effective solution to put an end to Fake and unlicensed product production worldwide

Working with our own Print house or Print partners Worldwide Manufacturer or Brand, big or small, Now with iM8 patent pending Blockchain technology has the ability to take control & Trace the life cycle of an individual product.

One simple scan of the iM8 Label or Tap of the NFC Tag attached to your product is all a customer needs to ensure that they are buying a 100% genuine product

When you place an order with a factory or licensing your trademark the iM8 platform makes it easy to control exact numbers  As each label is traceable and locked to a user factory and UCD(Unique Communication Device)  it can’t be copied, the factory can only produce the amount of product that you specify all other product will be fake

Trace your product as its being produced through the various stages and factories throughout the world The validity of the asset or product can be verified by scanning the label. The Geo-location of the asset is logged every time the label is scanned, meaning that you know precisely where your assets are in real-time 

Protecting your Brand & Connecting with your customers has never been so easy and cost effective no matter what size you are

Simple Order Process 

Order a trial  online or Call our friendly Sales Team 

We Print Any Size Volume Material and have Print Yourself options available


Our in house design team are here to help

One Scan to Verify Authenticity

Your customer can scan the iM8 Label with any mobile device to verify that the product is genuine and to display product information on their phone


Interact with Your Customers

You can post any content or functionality you wish.  Let the customer accessories, find different sizes, the iM8 Label opens up a world of eCommerce opportunity

Your Product, Your Logo, Our Magic

Send us your product details, your logo and any artwork that you want on your labels.  Our designers will work their magic and produce labels which add to your brand prestige 

iM8 offers Full Production Traceability with dynamic rules engine so you can adapt to each factory and product you produce

Stop The Fakes

iM8 labels give every product it's own fingerprint

Stop Over Production

iM8 hands control of production back to the Brand


If you are doing good for the planet, tell people

Production Transparency

Show your customers that their products were produced ethically

Increase Revenue

Increasing customer engagement increases sales


Build loyalty through direct connectivity with your customers